-Spring 05/2022 Mining Season-
Linda Marie Plume Rough
Price Below

Below are some pictures of the rough I mined this Spring. Also, the types patterns and colors you will receive in your order.
   Linda Marie Plume Agate is my mining claim. Fresh rough mined 05/2022.
If you want more information on this new plume agate go to my article about Linda Marie Plume.
All the rough I sell I have personally inspected. I have gone through them all and high graded each one for proof of pattern and quality. The roughs shown in all the representative pics, are all about the same in quality, color and patterns as you'll receive. Sizes will vary from 6" slab saw size, to 18" slab saw size roughs.

Note: I only have what I dug up, so this is a limited amount of rough.

Depending on your order
$14.00 Per Pound


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