Linda Marie West Plume

Discovered and claimed two years ago, the Linda Marie West Plume claim is adjacent to the original Linda Marie Plume claim. The plume dug out here at the Linda Marie West claim is different in many ways, but still reminiscent of its big sister, Linda Marie. So, in order not to create confusion by giving this new discovery a different name altogether, I'm calling the rough by the claim name itself, Linda Marie West. 
Some of the main differences between the two claims are variety and abundance of colors, high quality mosses mixed with plume in clear agate and a larger quality vein. Generally, I've been noticing that when I find a huge moss vein, the agate veins seen to be related somehow in the formation...moss turning to plume, plume turning to moss or combination of both. Digging is fairly easy with the excavator for now. But, like Graveyard point, the deeper you go, the more impenetrable the Basalt becomes. However, the rewards are great with the extra effort of hand digging the gemmy agate from the stubborn hard Basalt. Thanks/Friendship/Guidance/Wisdom/Labor and Helpfulness go out to Walt Harrison, Brian Hendrickson, Frank Masley, Gene Mueller, Jake Jacobitz, Larry Ridley, Aaron Wanner, Joe Aman, and my wife Linda.

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Just beyond the excavator pictured in the valley below is the Classic Graveyard Point/Regency Rose claims.

Long agate/moss vein 15' long 8' high.

Nice gemmy vein here. Like the original Linda Marie, the West claim's veins are vertical and has a basalt host rock.

Got some nice reds out of this one.

See Video of me digging this one out.

Clipped off the edge of a 50 pound solid agate vein. Wish I had a saw big enough to cut it.

Great deal of color

The veins started on the edge of one of the pinnacle cliffs and trended east/northeast.

Gene couldn't resist getting down in the pit and leading a hand.
See Picture of the vein Gene dug out. Not bad...

The vein ran out and I asked "the experts" Larry Ridley, Gene Mueller and Jake Jacobitz, "Which way should I go next?? "

Yeah...thanks a lot...


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