Lorraine Lordi Out Of The Woods Designs          Markham, Virginia
Lorraine Lordi is a self-taught jewelry artist who had absolutely no interest or aptitude in metal working or fine jewelry, having had her formal education in Biochemistry and pre-veterinary science.  Six years ago, her beloved cat 'Serengeti" passed away and out of the extreme sadness she felt a gift was received. The ability to translate the joy that animals give her was transformed into an art form. Fine metals and gemstones - some in their raw natural form - are transformed into wearable art using fold-forming and hand forging techniques that allow the metals to flow in a natural, almost organic way. Lorraine's work is very wearable and comfortable, even thought the pieces are usually large and bold. These are "notice me'" statement pieces. Like she say's ,"It's a necklace wearing a women" ! If you are interested in Lorraine works contact: Philip- RareRocksAndGems@aol.com

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