Original Owyhee Picture Jasper Rough

Pictures are examples of the patterns and colors you will receive in your order.
Today, there are 72 identified different types of picture jaspers that comes out of the Owyhee Mountain Desert area. All have specific names but a lot of times people lump them together and call them Owyhee Picture Jasper. They are not the same. Some of the other most common picture jaspers that come out the Owyhee Desert area are: Original Owyhee Picture, Wild Horse, Rocky Butte, Cripple Creek, Spring Mountain and many others. The "Original" is the most sought after and the first to be discovered by Bruce Markus back in the 60's while rounding up wild horses with his VW Bug.
The "Original" has a wide variety of patterns and shapes. It's takes a very high polish and is very popular as cabochon's or as display specimens. Known for its bright colored landscapes and beautiful geometric artsy gold, blue, green and red patterns, this classic will always be known as the "King" of Picture Jaspers.  All the rough I sell I have personally inspected and proven. I have gone though them all and high graded each one for proof of pattern and quality. The roughs shown in all the representative pics are all about the same in quality and color patterns as you see in all the pictures below. Sizes vary from 6" size slab saw roughs to 16" size slab saw roughs.
I have made a video on how to cut Original Owyhee Roughs.
Owyhee Video

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